Wednesday, December 8, 2010

I'm still alive

Yeah, yeah... I haven't blogged in a LONG time. I know. I just don't want to get on here and babble on about nothing. I haven't felt anything noteworthyish to post about.

Until today. Sorta.

Inspired by my fabulous friend's blog post about how fantastic she is, I thought I'd follow suit and talk about myself. Haven't done that in awhile. And why not put my quirks out for the few followers I have left to see? This is how I roll.


I love to step on dry, "crunchy" leaves. I will literally go out of my way to step on one. I love the sound. I love the feeling.
I think that toned calves on a man are ridiculously sexy. It's one of the first things I check out if a guy is wearing shorts.
It drives me crazy when people speak with poor grammar. The teacher in me wants to correct them, but the adult in me realizes it's rude.
It drives me crazy when people spell incorrectly. In fact, when I see that I make a spelling mistake, I am embarrassed and 9 times out of 10 will correct myself in a follow-up text or email.
I love NeNe on Real Housewives of Atlanta. Not in THAT way.
I love Blake Lively on Gossip Girl. TOTALLY in that way.
Celery and peanut butter have been my favorite snack lately.
I call my friends "whores" because I love them.
I got unfriended on Facebook because I called someone a whore. Whoopsies.
It drives me crazy when things aren't lined up straight. Pictures, papers on my desk, things hanging in my classroom.
I think I have OCD.
My heart melts every time my niece calls me "Aunt Brandi."
I've learned many things about the mistakes I've made, especially in the last 10 years.
I think I would have been jealous if I had a sister. I'm glad I'm the only girl in my immediate family.
I have curly hair and I straighten it. I have straight eyelashes and I curl them.
I would rather eat a bag of chips than any candy, any day.
I cannot keep a secret, am a horrible liar, and wear every single emotion I feel on my sleeve. And I'm proud of that.
I have forgotten what it feels like to have physical contact with a guy, it's been so long.
I keep my phone next to me at night because I'm afraid something's going to happen to one of my family members.
I honestly feel like I'm never going to find "the one." I'm afraid I'll never get to experience that part of my life.
I think way too much about things that are out of my control.
I have a ridiculous amount of respect for my best friend for a number of different reasons. I think she is an amazing woman, and amazing mother, and an amazing person.
I have arm muscles and can do 8 pull ups (as of today). I've never been able to do a pull up in my life until about a month ago.
I love to dance, but have difficulties with choreographed dance. I want to take a class but am scared I'll be the only inexperienced one in there.
I secretly wanted to be a cheerleader in high school.

I could honestly go on and on...