Monday, September 13, 2010

Getting my ass kicked

Maaaan I've been busy.

My summer was jammed with awesomeness and I didn't even post about it because I've literally been busy since summer started. I'll try and post about my Peru trip at some point. Yeah, spent 13 days in southern Peru, got to see Machu Picchu, and got eaten alive by mosquitoes (or bed bugs? or fleas?). The trip was fantastic, to say the least.

Started work again. It's kicking my ass. Quite literally. I feel like a first-year teacher, for whatever reason. Probably because I wanted to amp my teaching up this year and probably because our planning time has been cut. Either way, I'm stressed and trying to find a new routine.

Started a new workout this month. It's amazing. Amazingly painful and hard and pushes me to my limits. Everything I could ever ask for in a workout. Here's a preview of the awesomeness that is CrossFit.