Saturday, February 27, 2010

Bastard gut

I almost did it this time. I almost went with my gut from the very beginning. And if I had, I wouldn't feel betrayed right now. I'm learning. Slowly but surely, I'm learning. I can at least now recognize that the gut feeling is there, instead of ignoring it completely and riding it out with my entire heart being given, only for it to be smashed into pieces years later. At least this time I was only halfway into it, knowing that I had to stay my distance and not get too involved.

Moving on to the next one.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

What do you want to do before you die?

Attend a party at the Playboy Mansion. Make a toast at a stranger's wedding. Ask out the girl of your dreams. Help deliver a baby. Compete in a krump competition. Play basketball with Obama.

The Buried Life.

This show follows four guys on a quest to cross items off a list of 100 things that they would like to do before they die. They live in a bus that they drive around the nation, accomplishing these goals. Sometimes they are successful, sometimes they aren't. But for every one thing they try and cross off, they do one thing for someone else. Strangers. Literally. They meet these people in the cities they travel through, ask them what they want to do before they die, and pick people to help. People of all ages, with all types of dreams.

They've raised money to buy a computer for a 5th grade class at an underpriviledged charter school. They've helped a father contact his son that he hadn't seen or spoken to in 17 years. They've helped an 11-year old girl conquer her fear of riding roller coasters. They've helped a young woman, whose mom died because of Hurricane Katrina and was buried in another state because of the chaos, get to her mom's grave site. They've helped four old friends reunite and go back to their old hang out. They've helped a young guy, whose life is surrounded by drugs and gangs, get his song on the radio so that his grandmother could be proud of him for taking a positive step in his life.

These guys are amazing. And they're for real. You can just tell. They do these things. They make the phone calls and talk to strangers and raise the money for plane fares or computers.

This show brings me hope. Hope that there are still young people in this nation that aren't out for their own selfish pleasures. Hope that there are still men out there that really care about helping others. Hope that you can, in fact, do anything.

This small tidbit from the show's bio explains why I love this show so much:
This series explores the exciting wonders of human potential and the exhilaration of going after one's dreams-those dreams too often buried by everyday life. This is the incredible and hard to believe true story of a journey called The Buried Life.

Who woulda thought that a show on MTV would have evoked so many emotions from me? I cry and smile every time I watch this show. I kid you not. If you haven't checked out this show, you must. Now.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Dear Valentine's Day,

I'm not afraid of you. Bring it.

Ok, maybe I'm a little afraid of you. But I think I'm doing a great job of acting like I'm not. Maybe I've actually done such a fabulous job of convincing myself that I'm not afraid, I might actually not be afraid.

And really, why are you so scary again? Because you ooze red and pink and hearts and love and candy and flowers? Seems kinda cheesy, to me. And yet, somehow, your meaning has been pounded into me since I was a little lad. Is it odd that now that I teach, the only three parties we're allowed to have during the school year are the Winter (Christmas) party, the end of the year party, and the Valentine's Day party. (If you're wondering why our parties are actually limited, it's because it would be a sin for the district to let us party any more than that, as we'd be doing more partying than learning.)

So as you approach, Valentine's Day, I don't feel a heavy heart. I actually don't feel anything, accept the fear that I might feel alone this weekend. It hasn't happened yet, but it might, and I'm scared of that. Which is like fearing everyday that I might die. I know, complete and total waste of time. (For the record, I don't fear dying everyday.)

So you take your pinks and reds and hearts and ooze and you cast your spell on someone else. I am loved. It may not be by a fancy gentleman, but I am loved. I have a ton of friends that would do anything for me and a family that is awesome.

So there.

Best wishes on your day,
Brandi (who's not going to feel alone this weekend)

Monday, February 1, 2010

Ewww....wwwwait a minute!

So I got this email on Plentyoffish right now:

So, this is a bit out of the blue...but do you enjoy reading erotica...? I have been writing some on my downtime, and I would like to share it with someone for feedback...

I totally understand if you're not into it...most aren't...

Yeah, no. But thanks. I wonder who says yes..... I wonder if I should say yes.


Should I say yes??? (Did you see the thought process come into fruition there?)

I'll keep his email handy in case I get an overwhelming urge to test the waters.