Saturday, September 26, 2009

Week 4. Total concerns? Five.

So I've been back to work for 4 full weeks and I've had meetings with 3 parents, have one scheduled for Monday, and had to call and talk to a parent on Friday. What's the deal? All of the parents are, in some variation, wondering what's going on with their child. Really? Because I'm sure this isn't the first year where your student is struggling. Maybe one of those meetings was a "just getting acquainted with 6th grade expectations," but the rest were for sure not the first time their child has struggled.

Plus, I've already written 2 office referrals. I think I wrote two office referrals total last year. And this year I've written 2 within the same day, in the first 4 weeks.

The honeymoon stage is over.

The good news? I finally have a student teacher. I've always wanted one, not because they can do work for me, but I hope to one day mentor and/or teach future teachers, so I feel like this will let me know if it's something I should really pursue in the far-off future. I'm excited.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

You know what drives me crazy?

  • People who use their windshield cleaner while driving. On the freeway. Do they understand how annoying it is to be sprayed while driving behind them? Haven't they ever had it done to them? I go especially ape shit when I just had my car washed. Can't they just wait until they're stopped at a light?
  • People who park their car or turn their car off in a drive-thru. Is it necessary? Is holding your foot on the brake pad super tiring? Is it really that long of a wait? Are you saving any gas at all?
  • People who have to give exact change in a 15 or fewer lane. Or have to write a check in any lane of a grocery store. Um, hello? First of all, have you not memorized your debit card number yet? Second, your exact change is killing me. I want to stab my eyes out watching you dig in your coin purse for those 3 pennies and 2 dimes. One at a time. The only time I use correct change is when I have time between the total being given to me and when I hand the money over. Like when I have to wait for the asshole in front of me to start his car in a drive-thru.
  • People who allow their kids to run around screaming in any public place. And then think it's cute and/or funny. No, it's not. It's annoying.
  • People who don't give me the "thank you" sign when I let them in. Like if they're coming out of a parking lot or gas station or going into one, and you have to stop to give them room to jump in. I honestly don't mind doing that shit at all. But I think it's so rude when they don't at least throw up a hand to say "thanks." That's just a no brainer. And quite frankly, an asshole move if you don't.
I know I have more. But I had to get these off my chest now.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Dear 2-3am party-goers,

Yeah, hi. I'm one of the hundreds of people who live in the complex that you were at on Friday night. One of the people whose windows were open because we do not have central AC and our bedrooms are hotter than shit at night. Especially in these humidly hot days lately. One of the people who was woken up by your shouting and cackling at 2am. I have a few questions for you...

Are you high? Ok, that was a stupid question and you probably were. Let's move on.

Are you fucking stupid? See all those little windows within your peripheral? Yeah, those windows all have little people inside. We live there. We sleep there. Wait, we try to sleep there. Until stupid idiots like you think it's ok to have conversations and tell jokes in a not-so-inside voice at 2am.

Did you not think we'd complain again after we complained to after hours security once? Going inside for a half hour and then coming back outside doesn't count as staying quiet. Yeah, I was one of the people who called twice to complain about your stupid asses.

I'm not really sure why you think the world revolves around your insane partying hours. Party all you want, just stay the hell out of my apartment complex. It was a Friday night, I get it. But I'm old and I went to bed at 9:30, hoping to sleep off the exhaustion from my first week back at work.

Please don't disrupt my slumber again. And you especially don't want to do that to me on a school night. I will violently hurt your ass. I'm just sayin.


Happy birthday, Jaylene

My brother and his wife had their 2nd baby yesterday. Her name is Jaylene Elisa and she is cute and perfect. It's still not real to me. I'm a bit concerned about how my love for my 3-year old niece is going to be split now. Or maybe not split, but doubled. Jaylene's not real yet, though by the pictures below, she obviously is. Maybe because she's just a lump. Can she grow already and recognize me and laugh with me? I'm ready.