Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Ear in-fect-you-tions


Why the hell do I get sick on every damn trip I go on? Ok, I take that back. No... now that I'm thinking about it, I don't. Let's review.
  • NYC February, 2008 - got sick and had an ear infection when I got home.
  • Texas June, 2008 - I remember getting sick the week before I left and going to the doctor to get meds to save myself. I was sick from heart-break. That totally counts.
  • Rome and Greece August, 2008 - I lied, I didn't get sick on this one. But I did start my lady-time unexpectedly because I stopped taking my pill with the f-ed up time difference. So we'll just count this as being sick.
  • NYC February, 2009 - got food f-ing poisoning the night before I left and literally threw up for the final time as my ride came to pick me up. Damn it, just call me a rock star on this one for sucking it up and kicking ass.
  • Paris and London March, 2009 - hungover as all hell (admittedly my own fault) on the 24-hour travel-day-from-hell. Threw up in Heathrow airport (check that one off my list), and had TWO ear infections by the time I got home. Asshole ears.
  • Texas June, 2009 - get sick the day after I get there. My BFF gets to take me to Urgent Care (called CareNow in Tejas) where I get meds. Oh, and I had to pay out-of-pocket because my insurance is stupid and can't get their shit straight. Awesome. Finally getting well and when I fly home, I get another bastard ear infection and pretty much die for the FIVE DAYS following my return. As a matter of fact, I'm still dying. On Sunday, I had to literally get into the bathtub to get a fever of 102.9 down. What am I, a toddler? Went to 3 different doctors and finally got my medication changed because, guess what, the one I got in Texas stopped working.
So yeah. This might be a sign. But I don't really care. I might lose my hearing, I might get pneumonia one day... but traveling is sooo worth it.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Classy ladies

Someone please tell me why The Real Housewives of New Jersey is the greatest show that has ever aired on Bravo. No? Ok I will.

1. All those stereotypes of NJ women? Yeah, they're all true. Except these women married rich NJ douchebags and live in giant homes.

2. Danielle, the crazy bitch (let's face it, they're all crazy...she's just the craziest) has the most amazing face in the history of plastic surgery-gone-too-far. Her eyebrows, her eyelids, her cheekbones, her mouth... and that's just her face.

3. Danielle, the crazy bitch, is dating a guy who is 26 (she's 46), but acts like he's 17. Dude needs to wipe that smirk off his face. Ugh.

4. Jacqueline, the crazy sister-in-law, is f*cked. She married into the mafia - er, family - and is trying to stay loyal to the family's mortal enemy.

5. The season finale. Please tell me that I was not the only one who enjoyed that delicacy. And can someone get me "the book?"

6. The extra footage of the season finale. The fact that they replayed (and replayed and replayed and....) the "table throwing incident," was genius. We got to see that shit from 4 different angles.

My favorite lines from the last 2 episodes:
"If you haven't seen a table thrown, you're obviously not from New Jersey." -I forget which hot New Jersey Mafia son
"I am a classy lady." -Teresa, the chick who threw a table.
"Ha, I love you (kiss)." -Teresa, to her husband, 30 seconds after she threw the table.

Tuesday will be the best day of my life. Why? Real Housewives of New Jersey Reunion Show. I count the days....

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Change is ahead

Well, it's over. The work environment I knew and loved for so long is done. Yesterday was the final goodbye (though I refused to say goodbye to most of them). I'm sad. Really sad. I just feel alone.

To catch you up to speed, 15 of the awesome girls (and 2 guys) that I worked with got laid off in these horrible economic times. Our district laid off 171 teachers and closed 3 schools. It's a war zone out where I work. They laid off people all the way back to hire-dates of 2000. Why didn't I get laid off, you ask? Because I'm freakin lucky. Well, that and because I have a supplementary to teach Language Arts up to 9th grade. So now I'm being moved to a Jr. high next year.

And I'm ok with that, really. My belief is that everything happens for a reason and there HAS to be some awesome reason why I am going there, to teach my least favorite subject. Maybe it's the change I need. I've been teaching 6th grade for 7 years and although my teaching has grown, it is becoming a bit boring. Don't get me wrong, I love the age and I love the curriculum, but it's becoming less exciting. So change HAS to happen.

The last week of school was ridiculously difficult. The kids were sad, the teachers were sad, the parents were sad. Tears were flowing everywhere. People were moving shit out of there classrooms (including me) and saying goodbyes. It just sucked. In this time of closure, people have been saying things to me that I didn't expect. I had a parent that has been giving me shit ALL year, tell me how much she appreciates all that I've done for her daughter (through mascara tears). I've had my principal pull me into her office to say goodbye (oh yeah, BOTH principals are retiring... one that has been my ONLY boss since I've started teaching), telling me how she's loved watching me grow into the amazing teacher that I am and how I am a teacher-leader. Wow. Parents upon parents have come in (old, present, and possibly future) telling me that they don't want to see me go and they might pull their kids from the school because they wanted me as their teacher for next year. Most of my 6th grade parents are hoping that the Jr. high I get placed in will be the one that their child goes to. Our librarian came up to me yesterday and told me how much she loved when my kids came in, because they were always so well-behaved and she liked to watch the relationship that I had with them. Um, the librarian? If you knew this lady, you'd be like, "Wow." For her to say that, meant a lot.

So last night I left the last end-of-the-year (end-of-the-awesomeness-that-was-our-school) party super sad and lonely. It's done. Even if some of those girls get called back (which we're hopeful for), not all of them will. It's sad. And our administration is going to be totally different next year. New principal and assistant principal.

The good news is, if people get called back, I have been told I'd be one of the first to return to my original position. (So the district says.) At this point though, I figure where ever I'm supposed to be, I'll be. Can't change what was already destined for me.

So this summer will be a waiting game. Waiting to hear where I'll end up. Waiting to hear if the district does a second round of pink slips (which I could be a part of). Waiting to hear if anyone else gets called back.

In the meantime, I'm leaving for Texas on Friday to visit the BFF. It'll be an awesome getaway to clear my head after all this sadness.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Another revelation in my life

It's amazing to me how true the statement "Everything happens for a reason" is. You don't realize it at the time, or even at all, but the sequence of events that shape one's life happen for very exact, particular reasons.

I believe that. I believe it now, more than ever.