Thursday, November 27, 2008

I almost passed out

Holy shit. I finally went. I finally saw them. After being 12-years old and in the fan club. After sleeping on sheets with all 5 of their faces. After not being able to go back then because my family was too poor. I finally got to see them. And holy shit was it worth every minute.

Maybe it was the 3.5 $12 margaritas. Maybe it was the decent seats. Maybe it was the screaming 30-something year old chicks all around me. But I fell in love all over again. Let me share some pictures of this fantastic event.

This chick was part of a 5-grouper that each had a letter of NKOTB on the front of their shirts. The backs of their shirts all said something crafty. This was by-far the best one.

Oh my GOD! The show was starting!!!!


Jordan and his famous wind inducing, shirt opening move. **sigh**

Holy poop! They came into the audience!!

Pyrotechnics and all!!!!

Check out Joey's pose. This pic was frozen on the screen and they all talked shit to him.

Can you guess the song? It was the closer.

Ladies, if you didn't get to go this time around, I feel bad for you. These guys are so much hotter the second time around. I can't even pick just one, because I want them all for different reasons. Forget that they're fathers and husbands (and maybe gay). Ok, don't forget that, but imagine that they're not. I'm so happy they came back to us. I swear to the heavens I'll be a Block Head for life.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

I do what I do because I love what I do

I got this email yesterday and thought it was fan-freakin-tastic. So I'm posting it.

Are you sick of high paid teachers?
Teachers' hefty salaries are driving up taxes, and they only work 9 or 10 months a year! It's time we put things in perspective and pay them for what they do - baby sit!

We can get that for less than minimum wage. That's right. Let's give them $3.00 an hour and only the hours they worked; not any of that silly planning time, or any time they spend before or after school.

That would be $19.50 a day (7:45to 3:00 PM with 45 min. off for lunch and plan -- that equals 6 1/2 hours). Each parent should pay $19.50 a day for these teachers to baby-sit their children.

Now how many do they teach in day...maybe 30? So that's $19.50 x 30= $585.00 a day. However, remember they only work 180 days a year!!! I am not going to pay them for any vacations.

LET'S SEE.... That's $585 X 180= $105,300 per year. (Hold on! My calculator needs new batteries). What about those special education teachers and the ones with Master's degrees? Well, we could pay them minimum wage ($7.75), and just to be fair, round it off to $8.00 an hour. That would be $8 X 6 1/2 hours X 30 children X 180 days = $280,800 per year. Wait a minute -- there's something wrong here!

There sure is! The average teacher's salary (nationwide) is $50,000. $50,000/180 days = $277.77/per day/30 students=$9.25/6.5 hours = $1.42 per hour per student --a very inexpensive baby-sitter and they even EDUCATE your kids!


Friday, November 21, 2008

Dearest Edward,

Hi. You don't know me. But I know you. And I should probably tell you that I'm in love with you. Or, at least the you in my head. Ok, and you on the screen, because you're both so similar. I realize you're a vampire and my scent might possibly cause you to sink your teeth into the soft, sensitive part of my neck, but, like Bella, I don't care. And really, that's one of those spots for me. So I'm willing to risk it.

And sure, you're only 17 in human years.
I don't care if people call me a cougar. Though technically, you're much older in vampire years...107 to be exact. And usually, the thought of being with a Hugh Hefner type of sugar daddy grosses me out, but I'd be willing to break my rule for you. Or the you in my head. Or, quite frankly, the you on the screen (because you're 22). This age thing means nothing to me.

I hope this doesn't freak you out. And feel free to turn me into a vampire. Just try and restrain yourself when biting.

Or maybe don't. Because it could be hot.


Thursday, November 20, 2008

Jack's Mannequin

I just discovered a great band.

I love music. If you know me, I am pretty decent at naming a band or knowing something about a pretty wide range of musical talents. Ever since George Michael and Depeche Mode entered my cassette player back in the day, I've been into a variety of music. I can dance and get excited about lame pop bands. I can also appreciate some highly acclaimed bands from past and present.

So anyway, being a lover and a tryer of new music, I've recently been introduced to a band called Jack's Mannequin. Yeah, I realize that this band has been around for a few years and even before that, the lead singer was also the lead of Something Corporate. But this is the thing. I just found them. And I love them.

I have to say, the lead singer's story kinda got me all love bubble-ish about the band in the first place. Andrew McMahon's story is a little oh-my-gosh worthy. The guy had a repetitive case of laryngitis and went to see his doctor, whereupon his doc told him he wasn't looking well and performed some tests. Turns out Andrew was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia. Just a few months before his first CD for Jack's Mannequin was supposed to be released. Yeah, I know. Holy shit. He was 22-years old. Thankfully, it was fully treatable. But still.

In doing more research, I found Andrew's blog that totally takes you through the before and after of the diagnosis. You can totally tell he's a songwriter, because his writing is deep and genius. I don't know, maybe I'm just a sucker for all that passionate guy stuff. It makes me remember that they do have feelings and are not just closed off and confusing. (Thanks Andrew.)

So I was told that upon first review, the music was good and worth the purchase....but then after a few songs, you're like, "Whoa, this is the shit." And so I bought Everything In Transit and just put it on in the background as I was reading. I have not been able to listen to anything else since Wednesday. I'm so serious. I bought their second CD, The Glass Passenger, yesterday. It's a bit darker (rightfully so, it's after the diagnosis), but it's still fantastic.

Just in case you're wondering (and I know you totally are), my favorite songs at this moment are "Bruised" and "Dark Blue." I'm sure those will change as I listen to the second CD more, but I'll just throw those out there right now.

Do me a favor and just check 'em out. If you hate 'em, you hate 'em. But at least you considered it for a sec.

Monday, November 17, 2008


Yesssssss... this is what I get to walk out to each and every day until Christmas. Thank you new neighbor family next door. Nothing says the holidays like Mickey and Minnie.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Should I be fearing Chris Hansen?

Oh my gosh everyone. I didn't believe it. I didn't want to believe it. But it's so true. It's so very, very true. This Stephanie Meyer chick is the shit. The bomb, yo. She has gotten me interested in *wince* vampires. What in the hell is wrong with me? Isn't this supposed to be a series of books for 15-year old girls? Why am I in love with Edward? Why do I refuse to see even a preview of the movie that comes out on Friday so as not to ruin the (*coughcough* erotic *coughcough*) image of him that I've conjured up in my head? Why did my 28-year old friend tell me that it was ok to have a crush on him and it won't at all seem pedophile-ish? What is wrong with us? We're grown women! I started reading the book this afternoon (well, actually last night, but fell asleep within 20 pages because it was near midnight) and I'm halfway through about 500 pages. Why am I secretly excited to know that school is canceled tomorrow (poor air quality) because it now means I can finish this book? And I don't mean in the morning. I mean tonight. I can stay up and read all.night.long.

I love you Edward.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

The hills of North OC are burning

I went out to run some errands today and realized how close these OC fires are to me. I live in between the Brea and Yorba Linda/Anaheim Hills fire. If I were to be evacuated (which is highly unlikely, I hope) I wouldn't even be able to get to my parents' house because all the fwys and streets and canyons are closed on the way there. I have all my windows closed but I can still smell smoke inside my apartment. I drove to my friend's house to pick up a book and it took me about 45-60 minutes. This is usually a 15 minute drive, at most. People are standing outside, taking pictures. You'd think the world was coming to an end. And maybe it is for some people. I have never seen anything like this. It's an eerie vibe out here.

Present tense

I had an epiphany while watching Lipstick Jungle (I'm so sad it's being canceled). The hot waiter/massage therapist that tried to kiss Victory said something about living in the present. His line was something of this nature: "Live in the present. The past is the past. When you speak, speak in present tense."

It was a small line in the episode, and I've heard it a number of times before. But today it struck me. I need to start doing that. And I need to start doing it now. I don't know how many times I've spoken about something that has happened in the past. I did it when I was with the ex. I'm doing it now because of the ex. I need to stop. The past is the past. I cannot change what has happened or how my life has panned out. I can only use what I have learned and live in the here and now.

I am now going to begin living in the present tense. I am going to make a conscious effort to use language that has to do with the present tense. Especially during these holidays. I am not alone. My dad said that to me the other day and it was a really sweet comment. Just because I don't have a boyfriend, doesn't mean that I am alone. I have a wonderful and loving group of friends and family that are always here for me. Thanks Dad. It's so true and I overlook that too easily.

Sigh... another step in this process.

Monday, November 10, 2008

A few things because I haven't blogged in awhile

  • I signed up for another half marathon. It's on Super Bowl Sunday. It's addicting.
  • My grandma is in the early stages of dimentia and it's depressing to visit her. She's not the same woman I grew up knowing and I don't know how to deal. So I don't talk to her. I feel horrible about it. But it scares me to start a conversation with her only to see how old and slow she's getting. God, I'm so selfish.
  • I went to school with my awesome friend, Erin, today. To UCLA, my all-time favorite school. It pissed me off to sit in class and listen to the stupid 18-year old football players that could give a shit about what the teacher was talking about. It was so rude. I wanted to turn around and tell them that they were being rude. Or I wanted the teacher to kick them out. But she didn't. Did I act like that when I started college? Am I getting old?
  • I bought the new Jason Mraz CD on iTunes and I freakin love it. So good
  • I have my 4th day off tomorrow. Four-day weekends rule.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

I am part of history

I have to brag. I voted for the man. And now he is our President. The change is beginning.

Obama '08

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Human Rights

These "Yes on Prop 8" signs are driving me crazy. Especially where I live. If you don't live in California, you may have no idea what in the hell is going on. Read this to find out more. It's black and white to me. Either you're for equal rights for all humans or you're not.

First, even if you fear gays getting married, let me ask you a couple of things: Why? Is it a religious thing? I was on a run the other day and I stopped on the corner of a busy street because there were people on all 4 corners holding up signs for and against this Proposition. I happened to be running by a 'yes-er.' So I stopped and said, "Hi. Can I ask you something? And I don't want to debate. I just want to know, why yes?" And he proceeded to tell me that God intended marriage to be between a man and a woman; 'Adam and Eve' was actually what he used for an example. He said it had nothing to do with the people being homosexual (which, to that, I thought, um... yes it does, it has everything to do with the homosexuality, but didn't say anything). The only thing I spat back at him was, "So you don't think that marriage is a human right?" To which he responded, "No marriage is a Divine right." I thanked him for his time and continued with my run.

I don't understand this for a couple of reasons. Not everyone believes in God (in the Christian sense) and the Bible. So why are you trying to push your beliefs onto people that aren't pickin' up what you're throwin' down? How is that fair? Isn't there supposed to be a separation of church and state in this country? Isn't this why I am not allowed to preach the word of any religion in my classroom? I am only allowed to teach about the history of each religion. So why is this Propostion even on the ballot?

Second, even if you think that gays getting married and homosexuality is wrong, I ask you... how does their marriage or relationship affect you? How does two men or two women being together affect you and your daily existence? You may not like eating broccoli, but does that mean you get to impose an initiative to have broccoli taken off the shelves? I don't get it. What do you do when you don't like something like broccoli? You don't buy it. You don't eat it. You don't order it at a restaurant. If it comes on your plate, you eat everything around it. You probably don't even look away when people are eating it. You stay away from it because you know that eating broccoli is a personal choice between the broccoli and the person ingesting it. And you don't hold signs out in front of grocery stores berating people who eat broccoli, do you? No, because that person's love of broccoli doesn't get in the way of your day-to-day existence. So how is homosexuality any different? How is imposing your beliefs on someone else's lifestyle right?

Third, why has this become about teaching about gay marriages in school? What scumbag brought it into the area teaching children? First of all, check out the California Content Standards. No where in our standards does it say we have to teach about how families are made up (which some of those Right Wingers are apparently saying should consist of a biological mom and dad). Because how would little Johnny, who lives with Mom only (or Grandma and Grandpa, or Aunt and Uncle, or his adoptive parents), feel about himself if his teacher said that a family ONLY consists of a living with a mom that gave birth to you and a dad that contributed his sperm? No. This is why the "traditional family" is not taught in California public schools. So thank you Mr. Superintendant of the California Schools for your commercial against Prop 8.

Personally, I think this is no different that a Civil Rights issue. And it literally disgusts me that people would vote yes. I don't care if you believe that homosexuality is wrong. You are entitled to whatever opinions you have. But imposing your beliefs and opinions onto others when what they are doing has nothing to do with your life or day-to-day existence is disgusting. Your relationship with your God is just that. Yours and yours alone. So stop making this a religious thing. Because, personally, I'm not pickin up what you're throwin down.